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Brink's Tech‑Enabled Devices for Enterprise

Brink's Tech‑Enabled Hardware is designed to keep your employees safe and your cash protected.

Brink's Tech‑Enabled Devices for Enterprise Overview

Hardware unlike any other. Deposit and done.

Designed to improve your operations, Brink's tech‑enabled devices reduce the time needed to deposit cash while offering an unprecedented degree of visibility into your cash position.

Brink's Tech‑Enabled Hardware

Our technology helps to make trips to the bank a thing of the past, with reduced costs and efficient in‑store cash operations.

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Comparing Our Hardware

Comparing Our Hardware
  Brink’s Box Brink’s B‑Safe Brink’s Box Central
Note capacity Up to 40 deposit bags Up to 4,000 notes  Up to 120 deposit bags
Validation Barcode Dual single note validators + barcode Barcode

H × W × D

27˝ × 12˝ × 18˝ 27˝ × 12˝ × 18˝ 48˝ × 14˝ × 18˝
Weight 165 lbs 172 lbs 220 lbs